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  1. Thanks a ton man. For those wondering why the above link leads you to fitgirl-repacks itself, the link is in the comments. I would have posted the paste2.org link here, but I'm not sure I'm allowed to do that. I'll leave that upto the mods.
  2. Well, since there wasn't an exactly positive reply to this request, thought may as well revive it. Game Name: INJUSTICE 2: LEGENDARY EDITION – V.UPDATE 12 + ALL DLCS Repacker: FitGirl Link: https://fitgirl-repacks.site/injustice-2-legendary-edition/ Thanks for the good work!
  3. Game: THE WALKING DEAD: THE TELLTALE DEFINITIVE SERIES Repacker: FitGirl (fitgirl-repacks.site) Link: https://fitgirl-repacks.site/the-walking-dead-the-telltale-definitive-series/
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